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Web application “Feng Shui Desire Map”

“Feng Shui Desire Map” is a web application for the website, designed to create a visualization map of desires. Here the full development cycle is implemented: from design creation to final testing of the application.

A desire map is a famous tool for fulfilling desires. Our desire map is compiled taking into account the ancient Feng Shui teachings using the Ba-Gua octagon, in which each sector is responsible for a certain area of life.

Using this application, the user can listen to the rules for creating a desire map; upload photos / pictures to the appropriate sector; change the location of pictures, overlay images on each other, add labels; save the created desire map to your PC (install it on the desktop), send it to the specified email address.


  • Design
  • WordPress
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

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