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Nowadays it is very important to be able to adjust to the wave or relax, to get a charge of energy. The variety of sounds helps in this as nothing better! We’d like to present our unique Studio which is designed to improve mood, increase efficiency, and provide an opportunity for meditation and relaxation. In the Studio, you’ll find collections of original mixes of music and binaural beats along with a variety of audio affirmations.

By using these mixes, you can quickly achieve desired results, and by listening to a selection of audio affirmations, you can program yourself for success! We also offer the opportunity to create your own mix using our onboard Mixer. You can save those songs to your profile that you listen to regularly, or purchase and download them to your device.

Binaural beats can be used to relax and improve well-being. You can use them for sound therapy during sleep, when you’re awake and in need of extra energy, or even when you’re just feeling down. Whatever the reason you’d like to try our Studio, you’ll find everything you need for spiritual development and improving your well-being.

Sound Therapy Studio – Discover the world of sounds!


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