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Music of Your Name

We have developed a native mobile application using the augmented reality for iOS (for iPhone). We have implemented the full development cycle: from the creation of the UI/UX design to the final testing of the application.

This application uses ARKit – it is augmented reality platform for the iOS operating system from “Apple”.

Augmented Reality is one of the most promising and fast-paced novelties in mobile technologies.

This application uses numerology and personal data of the user in order to calculate the individual music of the name and music of the user’s date of birth.

With the help of Augmented Reality tools, the music generated by the application is played on a virtual synthesizer located in the user’s real space.

The object of augmented reality is a musical synthesizer equipped with a virtual scoreboard for numerological calculations. A multi-colored illumination of the keys is implemented, which corresponds to the music notes being played.

For ease of use, the synthesizer is also equipped with foldable legs that allow you to change the height of the synthesizer relative to the selected horizontal surface.

The application is accompanied by audio information and subtitles.

A user-friendly interface makes it possible to use the application effectively and with maximum comfort.


  • ARKit
  • iOS
  • SceneKit
  • Swift
  • XCode


  • Augmented Reality
  • iOS Mobile Development
  • Virtual Synthesizer

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