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Development the “Your element of Feng Shui” web app

“Your element of Feng Shui” is one of our developments in the direction of Feng Shui. Here the full development cycle is implemented: from design creation to final testing of the application.

In this video presentation, the user receives detailed information about the 5 elements or primary elements, as well as the calculation of his/her personal element. And that’s not all! By specifying the date of birth of any other person, the user receives an interpretation of compatibility with this person. Whether it is a loved one, business partner, leader, etc. Interpretation of compatibility is based on the compatibility of 5 primary elements.

The video presentation is implemented animation of graphic elements in the style of Feng Shui with the effect of 3D. The whole story is accompanied by captions. At any time, you can pause your personal report and continue at any convenient time.

At the end, the user can view the video presentation again, save the pdf-file with the interpretation of his/her element and compatibility with the specified person, and send this pdf-file to the specified email address.


  • Design
  • WordPress
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

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