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Development the “Personalized Astrology Video Presentation”

“Personalized Astrology Video Presentation” is a new word in astrological predictions. Based on a person’s date of birth, a personalized 5-minute astrological forecast is calculated with bright interpretative videos for Sun Sign, Sign in Venus, Sign in Mars, South Node and North Node. 5 basic astrological parameters for predicting your future.

To create this video presentation we used various technologies: PHP, javascript, HTML, CSS, ffmpeg. It is this set of technologies that allowed us to solve the complex task of gluing together short video fragments and audio overlaying “on the fly”, versatility of display on various devices and regardless of the speed of the Internet – and all this for instant creation of a full-fledged personalized video for each site visitor.


  • Design
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

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